The Go-Betweens - G Stands For Go-Betweens: The Go-Betweens Anthology - Volume 2

The Go-Betweens - G Stands For Go-Betweens: The Go-Betweens Anthology - Volume 2

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Format: LP, Album, RE, RM + LP, Album, RE, RM + LP, Album,
Vinyl Condition: Mint (M)
Sleeve Condition: Mint (M)
Country: UK & US
Year: 2019
Genre: Australian,Rock
Style: Indie Rock, Pop Rock


- Liberty Belle And The Black Diamond Express

A1 - Spring Rain

A2 - The Ghost And The Black Hat

A3 - The Wrong Road

A4 - To Reach Me

A5 - Twin Layers Of Lightning

B1 - In The Core Of A Flame

B2 - Head Full Of Steam

B3 - Bow Down

B4 - Palm Sunday (On Board The S.S. Within)

B5 - Apology Accepted

- Tallulah

C1 - Right Here

C2 - You Tell Me

C3 - Someone Else’s Wife

C4 - I Just Get Caught Out

C5 - Cut It Out

D1 - The House That Jack Kerouac Built

D2 - Bye Bye Pride

D3 - Spirit Of A Vampyre

D4 - The Clarke Sisters

D5 - Hope Then Strife

- 16 Lovers Lane

E1 - Love Goes On!

E2 - Quiet Heart

E3 - Love Is A Sign

E4 - You Can’t Say No Forever

E5 - The Devil’s Eye

F1 - Streets Of Your Town

F2 - Clouds

F3 - Was There Anything I Could Do?

F4 - I’m Allright

F5 - Dive For Your Memory

- Fountains Of Youth - Live At The Town & Country Club, London - 10 May 1987

G1 - Bye Bye Pride

G2 - Unkind And Unwise

G3 - Part Company

G4 - The House That Jack Kerouac Built

H1 - The Clarke Sisters

H2 - This Girl, Black Girl

H3 - Don’t Call Me Gone

H4 - When People Are Dead

H5 - Your Turn, My Turn

I1 - Cut It Out

I2 - You Tell Me

I3 - Head Full Of Steam

I4 - Right Here

I5 - Man O’Sand To Girl O’Sea

J1 - Apology Accepted

J2 - Spring Rain

J3 - Karen

J4 - Eight Pictures

- The Devil Is In Your Dress - Rarities Volume 5: 1985-86

CD1-1 - In The Core Of A Flame

CD1-2 - Living The Life At Hand

CD1-3 - To Reach Me

CD1-4 - Grandfather Slow

CD1-5 - Spring Rain

CD1-6 - Head Full Of Steam

CD1-7 - Wrong Road Round

CD1-8 - Don’t Let Him Come Back

CD1-9 - Reunion Dinner

CD1-10 - Little Joe

CD1-11 - The Life At Hand

CD1-12 - Casanova’s Last Words

CD1-13 - I Work In A Health Spa

- Run From Him - Rarities Volume 6: 1986-87

CD2-1 - I Know What I Like

CD2-2 - You Tell Me

CD2-3 - Do It Like The Devil Did

CD2-4 - Together At Last

CD2-5 - Cut It Out

CD2-6 - Easier Said Than Done

CD2-7 - The House That Jack Kerouac Built

CD2-8 - Right Here

CD2-9 - Someone Else’s Wife

CD2-10 - The Clarke Sisters

CD2-11 - Bye Bye Pride

CD2-12 - I Just Get Caught Out

CD2-13 - A Little Romance

CD2-14 - When People Are Dead

CD2-15 - Don’t Call Me Gone

CD2-16 - Time In The Desert

CD2-17 - Doo Wop In ‘A’ (Bam Boom)

- Trying To Be A Strong Person - Rarities Volume 7: 1988

CD3-1 - Wait Until June

CD3-2 - The Devil’s Eye

CD3-3 - I’m Allright

CD3-4 - Was There Anything I Could Do

CD3-5 - You Won’t Find It Again

CD3-6 - Love Is A Sign

CD3-7 - Love Goes On!

CD3-8 - Dive For Your Memory

CD3-9 - Apples In Bed

CD3-10 - Clouds

CD3-11 - Head Over Heels

CD3-12 - Casanova’s Last Words

CD3-13 - You Can’t Say No Forever

CD3-14 - Quiet Heart

CD3-15 - Wait Until June

CD3-16 - Casanova’s Last Words

CD3-17 - Rock And Roll Friend

CD3-18 - Mexican Postcard

CD3-19 - Rock And Roll Friend

CD3-20 - Dive For Your Memory

CD3-21 - Quiet Heart

CD3-22 - Clouds

CD3-23 - Love Goes On!

- Loving Shocks - Rarities Volume 8: 1989

CD4-1 - Dear Black Dream

CD4-2 - Danger In The Past

CD4-3 - Easy Come, Easy Go

CD4-4 - Broadway Bride

CD4-5 - I Love You, Still

CD4-6 - What You Call Change

CD4-7 - Open Invitation

CD4-8 - You Can Dream About Tomorrow

CD4-9 - I’ve Been Looking For Somebody

CD4-10 - Outlaw #1

CD4-11 - Haunted House

CD4-12 - Sally’s Revolution Blues

CD5-1 - Just Get That Straight

CD5-2 - The Days My Eyes Came Back

CD5-3 - Running The Risk Of Ever Losing You

CD5-4 - It Had To Be Me

CD5-5 - Signs Of Life

CD5-6 - How I Wish This War Was Over

CD5-7 - Art Cinema

CD5-8 - Nowhere By Any Other Name

CD5-9 - No Peace In The Palace

CD5-10 - Here They Come

CD5-11 - Child Of God

CD5-12 - The Man Who Died In Rapture

CD5-13 - House Of Snakes

CD5-14 - All The Time

CD5-15 - Send Him Back Home

CD5-16 - What Goes Up Must Come Down